Join the Gray Falcons Pilots Association? But I'm not "GRAY" yet!

The Gray Falcons Pilots Association was created to be THE social organization for ALL FedEx pilots from "Newly Hired" to "Retired"!

Reasons To Become a Member:
  • Communicate with other retired and active pilots and Flight Ops employees
  • Attend monthly luncheons and seasonal social events
  • Attend biennial multi-day conventions at various locales worldwide
  • Obtain information about FedEx benefits and shopping discounts
  • Obtain retirement and healthcare planning information
  • Join local chapters worldwide for our members, spouses, and families
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest news from FedEx Flight Operations

Membership Dues
Dues are based on membership category and are specified in the current Gray Falcons Dues Schedule. The website will display available membership options and associated dues upon submission of an application.

Regular Member
Retired FedEx Express pilots and Active FedEx Express pilots within five years of their earliest retirement date (currently age 50). Have full voting privileges regarding Association business.

Associate Member
Active FedEx Express pilots outside of five years prior to their earliest retirement date window (currently pilots under age 50). Have no voting privileges regarding Association business. May vote for designated GFPA Board member positions.

Affiliate Member
FedEx Express Flight Operations and FedEx Corporate Aviation pilots. May attend all functions.

Honorary Member
Surviving spouses/companions of deceased FedEx Express pilots and other individuals approved by the GFPA Board of Directors. Honorary members pay no dues.