FedEx Express Retiree Discount Shipping
FedEx Express offers eligible retirees reduced rates for personal shipping for FedEx Express services through the FedEx Express and FedEx Ground systems on a space-available basis, subject to certain provisions. Read More

Corporate Perks
Corporate Perks is a discount buying service identical to what is available to all FedEx employees. Discounts are provided for purchases of computers, cellphones, movie tickets, and at local restaurants, plus travel, new and used car purchases, and much more. Read More

Professional Advice for Retirement and Healthcare Issues
Many Gray Falcons Pilots Association members have previously sought advice on retirement and healthcare issues from Legacy Wealth Management, a local fiduciary Wealth Management firm that employs a team of financial advisors who have experience with issues associated with various healthcare, retirement (financial) planning and investment decisions that are faced by FedEx Pilot retirees. Read More